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About eilân

Minimum age2019-03-14T11:47:53+00:00

A minimum age of 18 applies to eilân. You may be asked for proof of identity.

Food, drinks, smoking, drugs & medication2019-03-14T11:50:33+00:00

A wide range of drinks and (vegetarian) food can be purchased at the festival grounds. You can take one festival cup with your own drink into the grounds per entrance. Bringing your own food is not permitted.

Staying on the campsite? On arrival you can bring a total of 5 liters of drinks to the campsite once per person. This applies to both alcohol and non-alcohol. Glass is not allowed. Do you want to cook at the campsite? Open fires are not allowed!

Smoking is prohibited in all interior spaces and under all roofs. To keep the island clean, we ask you to extinguish your cigarettes and clean them up, in a pocket ashtray for example. Larger ashtrays can also be found on site. The closest place to buy cigarettes is Midsland, so bring your own stock.

A zero tolerance policy on hard drugs and laughing gas applies on eilân. Soft drugs are permitted up to a maximum of 5 grams, pre-rolled joints are prohibited. Do you use medication? Then take a doctor’s prescription with you.


eilân takes place on the island of Terschelling around the Duinmeertje on Hee and amidst forest and dunes. The campsite and bungalows are located right next to the festival ground. The village of Midsland and the beach are both nearby.

You can reach Terschelling by boat from Harlingen. A shuttle bus runs from the port to the festival ground.


eilân works with multiple partners to realise the festival:

House rules2019-03-14T11:58:13+00:00
Date & opening times2019-07-22T10:04:18+00:00

eilân takes place from Thursday 12 September to Sunday 15 September.

The campsite will open on Thursday morning at 11:00 and the program will start on Thursday evening. The main program runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 9 AM and midnight. After midnight there is a limited night program on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the campsite right next to the festival ground. The music will stop on Sunday night and all accommodation will close Monday afternoon at noon.


Privacy Statement2019-03-14T13:12:03+00:00

Our Privacy Statement can be read here.

Festival + accommodation + boat2019-03-14T13:12:20+00:00

You will need a few different tickets to visit eilân. Of course a festival ticket, but this does not yet include accommodation and the boat crossing. So make sure you purchase everything you need! A clear overview is on our tickets page.


We no longer need volunteers right now – thanks for all registrations!



There is a limited amount of bungalows right next to the festival site. They have sold out.

How and where can you spend the night?2019-03-14T13:15:19+00:00

As a visitor to eilân you can sleep on the campsite (with tent or camper) or the bungalow park right next to the festival site. On the accommodation page you can find detailed information about the packages that we offer. It is not mandatory to stay in our accommodations.

Purchased accommodations cannot be canceled.

House rules accommodations2019-03-14T13:29:29+00:00

The accommodations open on Thursday morning at 11:00 and close on Monday at 12:00.

House rules apply at the campsite and in the bungalow park: On arrival you can bring a total of 5 liters of drinks to the campsite and bungalows on a one-off basis, this applies to both alcohol and non-alcohol. Glass is not allowed. Do you want to cook at the campsite? Open fires are not allowed. Speakers larger than 20 cm2 are not allowed. Purchased accommodations cannot be canceled.

These house rules are subject to change.

Camping & camping facilities2019-03-14T13:16:10+00:00

The campsites have a camping shop and free sanitary facilities. Pre-arranged “glamping” tents, group spaces and camper pitches have a power point of up to 1500 W. There are also sockets in the shower buildings.

The campsites open on Thursday morning at 11:00 and close on Monday at 12:00. The night program is located at the campsites and is accessible to everyone with a festival band.


On the main land2019-03-14T13:19:12+00:00
The boat2019-03-14T13:22:24+00:00

Book your boat trip through our partner Rederij Doeksen. Enough boats sail, but crossings on specific days and times can fill up. There is no parking area on Terschelling, so leave your car in Harlingen. Are you coming with a camper van? We advise you to book your boat crossing before 1 May, because there is only limited space for large vehicles.

Two pieces of luggage can be taken on board for free, provided that they fall within the specified dimensions mentioned on the Doeksen website. You can take one means of transport (folding bike, bicycle trailer or trolley) per person. You can make your trip more comfortable by booking a pre-set tent or bungalow!

On the island2019-07-04T10:53:06+00:00

A shuttle bus service runs from the port to the festival grounds, campsites and bungalows. Do you wish to transport yourself in another way? Rent a bike from the various rental companies next to the harbour or use a taxi.


Who are we?2019-03-14T13:25:22+00:00

eilân is organized by Chasing the Hihat & Mojo Concerts, in collaboration with our creative partners.

Corporate identity and web design by Studio Kartel. Website development by Strikt Online.


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Local residents2019-07-04T10:54:52+00:00

Please visit our islanders portal.

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